Grounded and expansive practices for raising amazing children.

A 5 week course to help you create peace and joy out of the chaos of daily life with kids.

Includes interactive lessons, community building, and live practice.



Dear Friend, 

I started my family coaching program and online course, Roots to Grow Wings to Fly, because after many attempts at trying to make it work for myself as a parent, educator, and wife, I finally admitted to myself that I was a hot mess.  Trying to do all the things for all the people sucked.  I was not happy, I had a short temper, and spent most of my days feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. 

I would have these super high highs where I felt like I was super-mom and I could do anything (and everything).

But those highs were always followed by really low lows, leaving me exhausted and feeling like I was losing my mind.

I needed a better way to handle my energy. 

My dream that our life would be centered around connection, fun, and cooperation had disappeared and each day was filled with yelling, struggle, and frustration.  My daughter still loves to tell the story of when I threw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at the wall. 

Pushing through each day with rollercoaster emotions was NOT sustainable.

Passion alone wasn't cutting it anymore.

But it wasn’t until my own mother was diagnosed with cancer, that I felt panicked to do something different.  I wanted to do something bigger with my life and so I began a journey of personal process and transformation, studying energy healing techniques and brain science.  This is what brought me back to my original dream.  By focusing on myself I began to heal, and I remembered that the most important thing I could do was to create connection, peace, and joy in my home with my kids.  

And from this realization the Roots to Grow Wings to Fly curriculum was born.

The Roots to Grow Wings to Fly curriculum has evolved from my years as a Montessori educator and parent combined with my work as an energy healer and is based on three equally important pillars:

  •  Slow Down: move at your child’s pace, observe, listen, and breath
  •  Build Trust: tell positive stories and describe awesomeness, who your child is and what they're amazing at is unique
  •  Create Connection: be creative in cultivating physical contact, energetic contact, emotional contact, and spiritual contact

This is a lot more than just a course.  And it is not a to-do list or a one-size-fits-none approach to parenting.

When you register you get a community that hears you and understands your struggles and your dreams, guided meditations to help you change your energetic response immediately, and live family coaching sessions to support you to find your own unique solutions. You get an immersive support system that supports change through vulnerability without shame or judgment. 

I have been where you are and I know that the transformation you dream of for your family is possible.  If you are tired of pushing through day in and day out and you are ready to find a new way of interacting with your kids, I invite you to join the Roots to Grow Wings to Fly community and register for this awesome course today.

Blessings to you and your family,




This course is designed to help you create the life you are longing for.  Transform your life with your family with the support of:

  • Lifetime access to the Roots to Grow Wins to Fly¬†curriculum and go at your own pace online course with downloadable¬†handouts and worksheets¬†
  • Community,¬†resource sharing, and support in our¬†private Facebook group¬†¬†
  • Two new BONUS materials!¬†¬†

By registering you will receive the structure to succeed in your commitment and give your family the gift of slowing down, building trust, and creating connection to cultivate genuine bonds with your kids and loved ones.

Guided Meditations

Life is busy and parenting can leave you feeling drained and exhausted. Learn how to resource yourself by turning your attention inward to build skills for co-regulation.

Observation & Problem Solving

Learn how to make clear and simple observations and tune into the fun of finding your own unique creative solutions to everyday problems.

Independence & Success

Receive handouts and worksheets to help you find peace, cooperation, and balance every day so that you can support your children to become successful, confident and independent young members of your family and our communities.


From an early age I have been motivated and inspired to be part of creating a more peaceful, just, sustainable, and healthy world.  Over the last 20+ years I have found many creative ways to be part of this mission along side incredible mentors and allies including friends, family, and my two amazing children. 

I have spent this time as a Montessori educator, activist, and mother homeschooling my children and diving into personal studies in meditation, visualization, epigenetics, somatic experiencing, and integrative medicine.  As well as an in-depth study of the anatomy of the human energy field, chakra systems, and energy healing techniques through a four year degree at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

The Roots to Grow Wings to Fly course is a culmination of my experiences and knowledge and was developed to support families looking to evolve, heal, and grow on their parenting journey. 

I am confident that together we can step into the ease, love, health, and joy you are longing for.

All The Tools You Need To Succeed

The Roots to Grow Wings to Fly course includes 5 Modules of go-at-your-own-pace online learning.  Each module includes five, 5 to 15 minute long videos:  1 introductory video, 1 guided meditation video, and 3 instructional videos with handouts. 

Module 1 - Slow Down 

  • Meditation:¬† Follow Your Breath¬†
  • Handout: The Scientific Method of Parenting
  • Support with making observations, making adjustments, and discovering new ways of doing things to build success.

Module 2 - Build Trust 

  • Meditation: Building Grounded Trust
  • Handout: The Wheel of AWESOMENESS¬†
  • Build greater trust using verbal & non-verbal communication and find your own unique passion to be creative, discover values, and have fun!

Module 3 - Create Connection

  • Meditation: Making Contact¬†
  • Handout: Energetic Need, Contact, and Expression¬†
  • Explore four different types of contact; physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual; as ways to create opportunities to deepen your connection with your child.¬†

Module 4 - Independence & Success

  • Meditation: The Pulse of Life
  • Handout: The truth about reward charts¬†
  • Learn¬†workable strategies for teaching and implementing skills & routines through an exchange of energy and by focusing on the positive.

Module 5 - Positive Outcomes 

  • Meditation: Centered in your Heart
  • Handout: Family Gratitude Practices¬†
  • Change authoritarian phrases from your past to supportive parenting statements that are more open-hearted and child-centered.

BONUS Materials  

  1. Family Values
    • A worksheet and video helping you to define your family values including input from adults and children
  2. Energy Games 
    • A fun list of games to play with kids that get you and your child playing with energy!¬†

"Annas parenting advice is simple, practical and easy to implement! She shares her wisdom in an unassuming way, and I feel empowered (rather than deflated and exhausted) every time I try an 'Anna gem' with my kiddos."

Lucia ~Mom of two independent girls

"What makes Anna amazing is the way she weaves her experience together with her thoughtful creativity, and her gentle, family-centric approach to problem-solving.  Her ideas are thoughtfully tailored to our whole family and designed to support our values, our strengths and our human-ness as parents, as kids, and as people."

Hannah ~Mom of two sensitive boys






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